CCM Logging & Land Clearing - Honest Responsible Forestry


Selective Cutting

Most forestland contains a variety of timber. And most landowners have a variety of short-term and long-term objectives. CCM works with you, the landowner, to harvest a mix of high-grade (saw logs) and low-grade (chips/pulp) to improve the overall health of the forest and meet your land-use goals. By harvesting both types of timber, CCM can maximize payment to the landowner and help new timber grow. This type of harvesting may allow the land to be harvested every 5 to 20 years, creating a long-term revenue stream for the landowner.

Land Clearing

This refers to clear-cutting any piece of property, whether the land is going to be used for industrial applications, a field, or if a view is desired. Most cuts involve a mixture of selective cutting and clear-cutting.

Field Conversion

CCM can take your forest and turn it into field for livestock, farming, or family. Our operators will pull and dispose of the stumps and shape the land to your exact specifications.

Road Building

If you have a piece of land and you want to have a road, a driveway, or inlet, we can help you get there. We can help design the road and drainage to make a road that is long lasting.

Land Management

Landowners who are looking to create ongoing revenue and other long-term goals from their property may be interested in land management. CCM works with licensed foresters to map the property and create a plan that maximizes value and health of the property over time.